by Bedtime Stories

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Ben wrote the instrumental for this around the same time Rows was written. Mike wrote lyrics for it back then but we never got around to doing anything with any of the material. Over a year and a half later, Mike rediscovered the original instrumental demo and the lyrics, and recorded one vocal take over the track, and here is the result. It isn't meant to be perfect, but rather show what could have been. We won't be returning to this song and we won't be playing it live, but we figured it would be a shame to see what was almost a finished song go unfinished and unreleased.


released January 1, 2016

Ben Scardo - Guitar
Mike Yablon - Vocals



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Bedtime Stories New Jersey

Bedtime Stories is a talk music band that formed in November of 2011.

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Track Name: Deployed
These words are the foundation to this home we're building for ourselves.
Every single condescending remark, lie, insult, and impulsive, irrational declaration caught in between all the i love yous, laughter, and love will weaken this abode. All it takes for it to crumble down is silence.

The silence that fills your head with uncertainty. With jealousy. With a plethora of emotions that leads to the mistrust that seeped into every crack in the foundation. As everything falls apart around us, don't forget about those apples on the counter. Those poisonous apples, filled with every malicious word you spat like venom out at me. Those apples on that counter, left there for days, weeks, months, those apples brought the vermin inside. With the vermin came the disease. The disease brought the bedridden days filled with depression and anguish over the time wasted in the confines of that building. The prison built around us. Even though it never felt like one.

We built those four concrete walls around us with no windows. Trapped to serve a life sentence in each others company, or at least until these cornered conditions become too overwhelming and one of us pulls off the most elaborate prison break since Andy Dufresne achieved the escape of the century. The day one of us breaks free from those confined corners is when the other one watches everything crumble down around them. That day is when the foundation will finally give way and everything that was built above all of the things we did and said will be destroyed. The only question is will whoever was there suffocate beneath the rubble or will they emerge from the wreckage and become better for surviving the chaos?

Will they be aware that everything is falling apart in front of them? Did they try to prevent the damage? Did they apply reinforcements, or was it too little too late? Whoever is left to stand among the rubble...will they try to rebuild, and recover, or will they just lie there, and let it all consume them?

What happens to the one that made it out? Do they run off toward the horizon line and find a more prosperous future? Or does the cycle repeat itself, with another victim left in another pile of ruin? Or maybe next time, they'll be the one left to clean everything up.

Maybe they'll learn how to build a better home.